Our Values


The value of Passion at Chino Taquería and Seafood reflects the love with which we carry out our services every day from the moment we open until the moment we close.

The Commitment value at Chino Taquería and Seafood reflects the dedication and determination that all employees have when providing our service.

The value of Remuneration within Chino Taquería stands out as an added value where each of the parties involved contributes more than what is normally established by their part. Chino Taquería and Seafood gives its great human talent a bonus such as payment for vacations. and the payment for your birthday if you work it is paid double, if you don't work it you are paid for the day as worked.

The value of responsibility at Chino Taquería and Seafood is the value that leads us to meet the expectations and needs of the external and internal client (taking the accounting area as internal) in which each of the parties involved performs their assigned function. to achieve customer satisfaction as a goal.

The value of transparency at Chino Taquería and Seafood is one of the most important, in this value we enclose the main values of a person such as honesty, loyalty, sincerity among others, giving Chino Taquería and Seafood the added value of having with clarity, in each of its processes and procedures.

The value of institutional sustainability for Chino Taquería and Seafood has been directed to human resources in which we seek the permanence of our collaborators and in turn generate a sense of belonging in them.

The value of Diversity at Chino Taquería and Seafood has led us to grow, improve and give the opportunity to different cultures, religions and gender identities to be part of this great organization and in this way acquire diverse experiences that promote learning personal and professional growth.

The value of Innovation at Chino Taquería and Seafood is a characteristic value of the brand. We always seek continuous improvement, the implementation of new work mechanisms (GiGi) and the creation of new dishes to improve the experience of our customers.