Our Mision

Our mission at El Chino Taquería and Seafood is to delight our customers with delicious Mexican dishes and gastronomic diversity prepared with the best ingredients and traditional culinary techniques. We are committed to offering an exceptional experience with every visit, with warm and friendly service in a welcoming and authentic atmosphere. Additionally, we seek to promote the culture and tradition of Mexican food, maintaining quality and authenticity in each dish we serve. We are committed to innovation.

Our Vision

Be recognized as the best restaurant chain in the region, offering authentic Mexican food and various dishes with fresh and quality ingredients, providing excellent customer service. We seek to be the reference place for lovers of Mexican food, both locals and visitors, offering a unique and memorable culinary experience.

Institutional values

The induction manual disseminated in the Chino Taquería and Seafood brand is our model of principles and values that go beyond the step-by-step processes in which our collaborators, our management and administrative members intervene. The values included in the El Chino Taquería and Seafood brand are a series of behaviors included within the rules or norms that define the standards of behavior expected by a person linked to the El Chino Taquería and Seafood brand.

Under the ethical principles of integrity, responsibility, respect and commitment to the service and well-being of both our internal and external clients, the institutional values of Chino Taquería and Seafood are the following.