Our History

"Becoming one of the best Latin American food restaurants was always the dream they had very clear and it soon became a reality" the lamb barbacoa, the Menudo, the tacos and the empanadas were always the center of attention, recipes that Almost no one would think that today it would make them the best casual food restaurateurs on the market, so much so that their clients chose to create the phrase "let's go for the Chinese Menudo."

Originally from León, Nicaragua, located in Central America and Sinaloa, Mexico, a North American country, the current owners of the brand "El Chino Taquería y Mariscos" gave way to writing their own history and relationship, meeting on August 18, 2005, Mr. Jorge Reyes and Mrs. Griselda Miranda has currently been together for more than 17 years and they have forged a family which has always been her greatest motivation.

For Jorge's part, it was always clear that owning his own restaurant was his dream. On the other hand, Griselda was looking for a completely different dream, without yet having an idea of the great promising future that awaited them.

In 2006 with the clearest ideas. Mr. Jorge met Mr. Jaime Miranda with whom he planned the plan to create a Latin American food establishment, which together they decided to name it "2 Amigos Restaurant and Grill" a project that at that time barely existed.

It had a limited menu, but with very authentic recipes prepared by the hands of Mrs. Alba Rocío González, originally from the state of Oaxaca, who was completely trusted by him and who to this day maintains loyalty to the brand.

In 2009, for family reasons, they met Mr. Daniel Santa Ana, who with extensive knowledge of seafood food and an incomparable passion for Mexican gastronomic culture, Santa Ana and Mr. Reyes decided to unify their knowledge and share recipes, recipes that today For today it has been the best investment and decision of his life, giving birth to the name "El Chino Taquería".

In 2011, having more knowledge and security in their market, they decided to open their first food trailer, where they included an extensive menu of Mexican snacks, while in coordination with Santa Ana and the Chinese they prepared the new launch in seafood "LOS SEAFOOD".

In 2013 the name "EL CHINO TAQUERÍA Y MARISCOS" arose, a successful takeoff where they managed to position themselves within the taste of their customers, which was inaugurated in the city of Hillsboro Oregon, in the United States of America, that is where Mr. Jorge Reyes and Mrs. Griselda Miranda saw their dream become a reality, one that always seemed difficult but never impossible. Thanks to their persistence they have managed to become owners of three locations and they assure that their dreams are just beginning."

At Chino Taquería y Mariscos we are a big family, a place where we treat everyone equally, we provide them with quality food and we take care of every detail in order to meet the expectations of our customers" mentioned Griselda Miranda and Mr. Jorge Reyes.

Being a Nicaraguan descendant, he knew how to give a different touch to the Mexican cosine; while keeping it simple and still having that authentic Mexican flavor.